July 28, 2014 -- 

You may have noticed some slight changes to the appearance of the website.  I have been working to migrate to a more modern platform that I hope someday can be used as a more interactive shopping experience.  Several times over the past year I started this effort, only to find the platform I was working with had some huge deal-breaking limitation.  (Word to the wise:  Just-add-water type websites like Wix and Foursquare are great if all you want to do is post some pictures with fancy backgrounds, but if you need to write some html with more than 200 rows?  Geez - who would need that?)  

Anyway, I settled on Joomla for several reasons, one being it is what the Pleurothallid Alliance uses for its website.  Joomla gives a balance of complexity and automation ... at the cost of having to know a lot more of what you are doing.  Thus, I have only reached about 40% of what I had intended with this website, but that is still 39% more than what other jump-starting platforms were giving me.  

Long story short - nothing has significantly changed in the business format, just the curtains on the window.